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پروسس میکر

Report maker plugin

The Report Builder plugin allows you to create various reports, charts and dashboards.

With the Reporting Tool, in addition to connecting to the program's internal database, you can connect to other external Mysql and Sql server databases and create reports and charts from them.

Popular Plugins

User-friendly panel plugin

This plugin completely personalizes the user's desktop, and the user will not feel like working with the ProcessMaker at all, and will enter a completely updated panel.

This plugin is fully compatible with the application as well as the menu builder and Report Builder and Dashboard plugins.

Menu Builder Plugin

This plugin allows the system administrator to create functional menus so that users can start their work much easier and faster or personalize their inbox.

After entering this plugin, two levels of managerial and normal access for roles will be created.

You can define vertical and horizontal menus, main menus and submenus according to your needs and as desired.