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User-friendly panel plugin with batch routing featureApplied plugins

This plugin completely personalizes the user's desktop, and the user will not feel like working with the ProcessMaker at all, and will enter a completely updated panel.

This plugin is fully compatible with the application as well as the menu builder and Report Builder and Dashboard plugins.

With this plugin, you can give your users a completely different experience and appearance in using the ProcessMaker BPMS.

This plugin has a configuration form through which you can:
1. Display or hide items on the dashboard.
2. Determine the permissible roles for using the dedicated panel.
3. Define your favorite widgets and links to be displayed on the dashboard.
4. Select the type of template you want (currently this plugin has two default and material templates.)

Keep in mind that depending on the access levels of the logging user, the person can also have user and group management menus, process management, and more.

In the Process Management section, a category is seen as a tree structure where you can group processes in a completely customized way. You can also give your users the level of access simply to display or edit for the process design environment.

With this plugin you will have a batch routing feature and in the batch routing config form you can set what tasks and forms and fields must have this feature.

You can download the guide to using the Interface plugin here:


  • The plugins are multilanguage
  • You only pay for plugins once and you can easily import them into your app and use them.
  • You do not have a time limit or number of users to use these plugins.
  • You will have our support for using plugins and receiving updates for free.
  • You can securely pay for this plugin with the Paypal payment, and after confirming the payment, plugin files will be sent to you.


The price of this plugin is $200

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  • Abdullah2023-03-01 16:47:25

    Hello, I'm asking about (User-friendly panel plugin with batch routing feature) Is it compatible with Processmaker 3.8.1 Thanks, Abdullah

    Administrator reply: 2023-03-06 13:26:51

    Yes, all plugins have been tested in version 3.8.1 and can be used

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