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OTP Login Plugin in ProcessMakerApplied plugins

Using this plugin, you can allow all users or a specific group of users to log in using a mobile number and a one-time password.

Also, if you apply the settings, you can enter the program through Google authentication and by logging in with your Gmail account.

In addition to login via mobile number and one-time password, as well as login via Gmail, users will still be able to login through the normal login panel of the program.

You can adapt this plugin to your SMS panel and enable it for users and groups of users who usually have less access to the program or enter the program through the web and out of the organization. Therefore, with this plugin, you will no longer be involved in supporting this group of users regarding problems such as forgetting their username and password, and you will provide them with safe access.

You can download the guide to using the OTP Login plugin here:


  • The plugins are multilanguage
  • You only pay for plugins once and you can easily import them into your app and use them.
  • You do not have a time limit or number of users to use these plugins.
  • You will have our support for using plugins and receiving updates for free.
  • You can securely pay for this plugin with the Paypal payment, and after confirming the payment, plugin files will be sent to you.


The price of this plugin is 200$

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