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Automatic route case Plugin in ProcessMakerApplied plugins

By using this plugin, you can apply the correct timing on various tasks in the process design environment and then define the tasks in the automatic tasks list of the plugin, you can automatically route the tasks if the user does not execute them in the specified time, or to Reassign another.

1. You must specify the execution time on the desired task.

2. In the list of plugin tasks, specify the desired tasks.

3. Specify the desired type of operation when the task execution deadline expires. (route case or reassign case to another)

4. If you set the type to the route case and if desired, you can set process variables so that the cases are properly routed and the process data is formed correctly.

In this way, your cases and tasks in various processes are always correctly assigned the route and assignment in case the case is not implemented by the user within the specified time limit, and your backlog cases reach the lowest possible level.


  • The plugins are multilanguage
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  • You do not have a time limit or number of users to use these plugins.
  • You will have our support for using plugins and receiving updates for free.
  • You can securely pay for this plugin with the Paypal payment, and after confirming the payment, plugin files will be sent to you.


The price of this plugin is 200$

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