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Advanced Folder Permission Plugin In ProcessMakerApplied plugins

In the system documentation section, this plugin allows you to set permission for view, upload, and delete files separately on different folders for users or groups.

After entering this program and giving the relevant access level to the desired role, from now on, next to the document menu, a menu of document access levels will be seen for you.

On the Document Access Levels page, you will see a complete list of created folders, and you can apply a separate level of access to your folder to your intended users.

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The price of this plugin is $200

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  • Abdullah2023-03-01 16:51:14

    Advanced Folder Permission Plugin In ProcessMaker Is it compatible with Processmaker 3.8.1? Thanks

    Administrator reply: 2023-03-06 13:26:03

    Yes, all plugins have been tested in version 3.8.1 and can be used

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