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Troubleshooting the participated cases in bitnami installation of ProcessMaker version 3.4.11Learning articles

When you download the ProcessMaker version 3.4.11 from the Bitnami site and then install it, you will receive the following error after running the program in the path of participated list:
An unexpected error occurred while searching for your results. Error Code 200 and Please contact your administrator.

This error is due to "sql mode" settings in the mysql service. To fix this error, just apply the following settings in the [mysqld] section of the my.ini file to C:\Bitnami\processmaker-3.4.11-0\mysql\my.ini:

Finally, after applying the above settings, you must reset your mysql service.

I have attached a sample configuration file, you can download it and do the same.
Let us know your questions and training needs in the comments section.

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  • prasit2020-08-01 17:15:20

    after i add above sql mode setting in my.ini, and restart mysql service then mysql server go stop immeididately with following error: Stderr: Unknown error restarting mysql Starting MySQL Database... Exit code: 1 Stdout: please support to check. Thank you very much

    Administrator reply: 2020-12-02 12:18:09

    It is provided as a complete instructional video.
    If needed, we can fix this error for you

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