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You can use software such as "ioncube" or "source guardian" to protect your codes in the ProcessMaker and provide it to customers, as well as setting a time limit or ip limit.
I tested "source guardian" software and it had better speed and performance in using the processmaker program.
Also, to protect the triggers, because the coding is done on the software, it is not possible to encode with these software as usual, but you can write your codes either in the form of a plugin and call the functions inside the triggers, or write your codes in Php class and enter it as a general file in the process and call it in your triggers.
In this case, you can also code the trigger codes with the above software.

  • The our plugins are multilanguage.
  • Our plugins are fully compatible and usable from version 3.2.1 of ProcessMaker to version 3.4.11 and are fully compatible with the community version.
  • You only pay for plugins once and you can easily import them into your app and use them.
  • You do not have a time limit or number of users to use these plugins.
  • You will have our support for using plugins and receiving updates for free.


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